Movie Career

Acting Gigs
1984-Purple Rain

Purple Rain
Aside from Prince's career in the music industry, which he attributes to numerous soundtracks, Prince starred in a few movie productions.
His first ever acting gig was in Purple Rain, written by Albert Magnoli and William Blin and directed by Albert Magnoli. The movie idea was apparently developed by Prince during his "Triple Threat" tour. Prince stars in this movie, because it was developed to showcase his particular talents. Initially the script was to be darker and more coherent. 

Excluding Prince and his on-screen parents, almost every character in the movie is named after the actor who plays them. Although the film was considered "outrageous" at the time by Warner Brothers, it was finally accepted for distribution thanks to music industry PR man Howard Bloom(Kleinman). As a result, the film made over 80 million dollars at the box office and became a staple in the movie industry.

1986-Under the Cherry Moon

Under the Cherry Moon
In 1986, Prince played a character named Christopher Tracy, a gigolo, that defrauds wealthy French woman with partner in crime, Tricky, played by Jerome Benton.

Furthermore, filming was located in Nice, France, to ensure proper filming weather and to provide Prince with freedom from American film unions. For the film was originally going to be directed by Mary Lambert, a director who was behind some of Madonna's most notorious music videos. But after several disagreements or "creative differences" about the films goal, Prince was soon in charge of the role as director as well as the leading character. While Mary Lambert was credited as a creative consultant at the end in the movie's credits.

1990-Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge is a drama/musical written by Prince, as well as, directed and starring him. It is the sequel to his highly successful debut film, Purple Rain. However, it is currently known as a notorious flop for its poor performance at the box office but its accompanying soundtrack was a hit. The title "Graffiti Bridge" comes from a now torn-down bridge located in Eden Prairie, MN. The bridge was torn down in the early 1990s to make way for new construction, but to this day remains a local legend.